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Halloween Hineys – Atlanta Undy 5000

February 21, 2012

Their 2011 team name was “Halloween Hineys,” but you may know them better as “that team in Atlanta that wore bright orange T-shirts that say ‘Cuck Fancer’.”

You may also have seen that this repeat team for the Atlanta Undy 5000 raised $3,145!

A few of the Halloween Hineys 2011

While the Cuck Fancer shirts have remained the same since Atlanta’s first Undy in 2010, the team name has changed, based on certain themes. Adam Kirn, team captain, says they chose a Christmas-related theme last year (Christmas Colonoscopies), and this year, because it was closer to Halloween, went with Halloween Hineys. Whatever the name, the team is always there for the same purpose – to honor and remember Adam’s mom, who passed away from colon cancer at the young age of 57.

Adam says there was no family history of cancer, much less colon cancer, before his mom was diagnosed. At one point in late 2008, she fell and landed on her tailbone, but the pain in her rear was consistently getting worse. After nearly a year of pain that wouldn’t subside, she went to the hospital, only to shockingly discover in October of 2009 that she had stage IV colon cancer. Adam says they went through the typical treatment regime, but because the cancer was so aggressive at this point, the treatment was ineffective. She passed away in May 2010.

“The whole reason for the team is to celebrate my mom. She had such a bright personality and was such a loving individual. One of my friends stumbled across the race, and we thought it’d be fun and help other people as well,” said Adam. “We’re all grad students and doctors in med school at Clemson, so we’re all broke. We’re not going to win the fundraising competition, and we’re not runners, so we won’t win that, but we wanted to have the most fun. And that’s what my mom would have wanted.”

In 2010, Adam says they decided on Christmas Colonoscopies because his mom used to give him and his siblings Christmas underwear every year as a gift. One of his teammates, a gastroenterologist, painted her car with the words “Christmas Colonoscopies” on it, right before the race, back in November of 2010. He says she finally washed it off in August of 2011. Why? Adam says people coming to see her at work were asking her tons of questions about it; they asked her about colonoscopies and screenings. She finally said that so many people were asking her about it, that she wasn’t going to wash it off her car until the questions stopped for a solid two months. That took almost an entire year.

Christmas Colonoscopies in 2010

The Cuck Fancer theme was simply a moment of inspiration for him, and, Adam says, his opinion on the whole ordeal. It’s bold, brash and crass, but it gets the point across. And Adam says it gets attention – more than he ever thought possible. He says he gets stopped in the street by people asking him the meaning behind his shirt, and it’s been a great outlet for him to get his story out. He says he’s had many conversations with people he never would have talked to without that shirt.

Adam says they’ll be back for the 2012 Atlanta Undy 5000, too. What theme will they take on this year?

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