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Buffalo, NY rocks an Undy in their undies!

May 4, 2012

This past weekend found Team Undy in Buffalo, NY- home of the buffalo wing, windshield wipers, grain elevators, Millard Fillmore, and Tess Fraser, Buffalo Undy 5000 Chairperson.


Tess Fraser, Buffalo Undy 5000 Chairperson

For a little background, we get e-mails every day, asking us to come to certain cities. We ask people who want to host an Undy in their city to fill out a request form and provide us with some information about why we should come there. Tess’s application blew us away. She had done her research, answered all of our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, come up with a fantastic logo for the Buffalo Undy, AND made a “Top 10 List” on why the Undy should come to Buffalo. She had a great reason to be so motivated- her mother had just been diagnosed with colon cancer and Tess wanted to get the Undy to Buffalo so she and her mother could walk in it together. We were sold and added Buffalo to our Undy calendar.

In the weeks leading up to the Undy, we sat in DC and watched the numbers steadily grow. Then we got a shock- there was SNOW on the ground! When we were in Buffalo in March for the Undy Kickoff Party it was 80 degrees. Surprisingly enough, the participant numbers grew even more rapidly as soon as the snow started! Buffalonians really wanted to run in their undies in the snow.We were thrilled about the numbers, but not so excited for the cold weather.

When the morning of April 28th rolled around, the thermometer read 28 degrees. We all bundled up and headed to Delaware Park. Soon enough we were joined by our giant walk-through colon, New York State Senator Mark Grisanti, 26 colon cancer survivors, some of our amazing sponsors, a few buffalo, and over 900 participants in underwear and great costumes! Senator Grisanti helped us kick off the morning, by declaring the day “Buffalo Undy 5000 5K” Day in the state of New York, and presenting Tess with a proclamation. Dr. Richard Kaplan, from our lead sponsor, Gastroenterology Associates, shot the gun and our racers were off! The overall male and female winner were both from the Big Booty Babes team. Everyone had a great time in their undies, but we’ll let one of our participants tell you- check out Kyra Mancine’s blog.Our participants helped the Colon Cancer Alliance raise over $100,000 to help in the fight against colon cancer.

We need to give a huge thank you to Tess Fraser and her fantastic committee, who put on this event and made it one of the largest first year events we’ve ever had! Thanks to Janice Delehanty and Jeff Bavisotto- our top two fundraisers, both running in honor of a family member survivor. Thank you to Kevin Kruppa, our fantastic survivor speaker, for having the courage to share his story and encourage everyone to get screened. Thank you to Senator Grisanti and his Deputy Chief of Staff Joel for coming out. Thank you to our local sponsors: Gastroenterology Associates, the Endoscopy Center of Western New York, Digestive Health Physicians, Buffalo Medical Group, Upstate Steel, Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraf, Cunningham & Coppola LLC, Buffalo Spree, Star 102.5, and Rich Products. Last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget to thank all of you who came out to participate in the Inaugural Buffalo Undy 5000 and who made it such a success. We can’t wait to see you next year!

Image                                        Image

     Jeff Bavisotto and Janice Delehanty                   Senator Mark Grisanti and Deputy Chief of Staff, Joel

Image                      Image

             Survivor Ceremony                                                                   Runners in their great boxers!

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